About Prestige

Why you should choose Prestige Accounting & Bookkeeping Inc.

Every Accounting firm states they are different don’t they! If you give us 20 minutes of your time, we will show you how unique we really are and you will see why countless business like yours is turning to us for our special approach.

Anyone can do the accounting stuff! But we are really good at it, keeping you in compliance, tax savings, profit improvement services, explaining your profit & Loss statement all in a very cost effective way.

Where we are really different is how we work with our client and the strong emphasis we place on relationship. We always put your needs ahead of our own. We will be a true asset to your business because we do so much more than merely provide you with accounting service, we can also can give you business advise in many areas as needed.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or established business, we create a win win relationship for you. When you become our client you can say goodbye to those nonsense accounting bills that so many firms are guilty of because our fees are a fixed monthly fee so there is never a nasty surprise, it also stops you having a huge bill at the end of the year, this will ease you cash flow. By becoming a monthly client you will never have to worry again about filing deadlines during the year and never get penalties again. In the event we do miss a deadline and it is our fault we will pay all penalties and give you $100.00 for the inconvenience, how many accounting firms are willing to go to that length for a client and that is just one thing that makes us special. All support during the year is free and unlimited so if you have a question everyone in the firm is ready and willing to help you. You even have direct access to the President. We want to go that extra mile to make sure you succeed.

So if you are looking for an accounting firm that is different, puts you ahead of their needs and really cares about building a long term relationship call 954-653-8015 to make a FREE no obligation appointment to change the course of your business now.



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